Asset Tracking – Detail

RFID Asset Tracking

RFID Tracking Station

On-Track Technology offers effective asset tracking solutions in the form of independent RFID reader stations. These units are stationed at strategic points around a rail network. As tagged vehicles or equipment move by, the asset information is fed back  to the owner, either as raw information or presented on an interactive Web Interface.

Data is relayed via GPRS, Ethernet or Wireless serial communications. Each station can be solar powered, is desired.

RFID Asset Tags

Gen-II RFID tag on a rail vehicle

Individual low profile asset tags are available at a relatively low cost. These tags may be programmed with a serial number or unique identification code.

Tags measure 110 x 21 x 5 mm and are easily attached in a matter of minutes by spray on industrial adhesive or industrial tape.

Several types of tag are compatible, including:

  • Gen-II
  • ATA
  • AAR