Longitudinal Stress Monitoring

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The Continuous Welded Rail Monitor (CWRM) was developed by On-Track Technology against a specification from Transnet Freight Rail’s (TFR) Technology Management division. The system uses a strain gauge-based technology installed at an approximate frequency of one per kilometre of track to measure longitudinal forces and temperature in the rail. The system is used to manage Continuously Welded Rails (CWR) so that rail breaks and buckling are prevented. It comprises an invaluable contribution to predictive rail maintenance and derailment prevention.

Early-Warning Detection System

CWRM provides simple and accurate information about the temperature and stress build up in rail sections. Undesirable rail conditions are detected early, thus potential rail breaks and buckles can be avoided before they occur.

Compact System, Rapid Installation

A full monitoring system weighs < 5kg and is installed within an hour. Monitoring stations consist of an intelligent Gateway and up to four track nodes, one for each monitored rail leg (one complete system can monitor up to two lines).

Complete Retrofit Technology

No rail cutting, sleeper modification or disruption of operations is required. Installation is carried out safely between train movements.

Widely Installed Strategic Monitoring Points

The compact size and low cost make CWRM stations ideal for network-wide installation, particularly at strategic high-risk points such as entrances to tunnels and bridges.

Wireless and Self-Powered

Communication between the Gateway and track nodes is wireless. The Gateway is solar powered whilst each track node is powered by a primary cell with a 7-year production life.

GSM/3G Communication Based

The intelligent Gateway transmits measurement data via GPRS/3G modem to a central server. Operation is fully automatic and thus ideal for installation in remote areas.

Reporting, Trending and Notification

Historical data is presented via a web interface. Trends of rail force, rail temperature, stress free temperature, battery life and GSM signal are easily created. Scheduled exception reporting is also available.