RFID Asset Tracking

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On-Track Technology offers effective asset tracking solutions in the form of independent RFID reader stations. These units may be stationed at strategic points around a rail network, and feedback asset information to the owner as tagged equipment it is detected passing in front of the station.

Asset tracking via Reader station and RFID tag

Assets such as shipping containers and railway wagons can be monitored and tracked as they move around a rail network by means of strategically-placed RFID reader stations.

Remote Stations – GSM/3G Communication

Data transmission is via GPRS/3G (or Ethernet) and solar powering options are available. The stations are therefore ideal for installation in remote areas.

Wheel Sensor Interface

Reader stations may easily be interfaced to a wheel sensor set, providing train consist details such as vehicles, direction of travel, speed and approximate masses (to ±5%).

Small Low Cost RFID Tag

The systems are compatible with reading the latest Gen-II type tags, as well as AAR and ATA tag formats. These passive RFID tags are attached to the asset in a matter of minutes and Gen-II tags offer an inexpensive option.

Simple, Accurate Data Reporting

Data content is Asset ID and the date & time that the tag was identified. Systems can be expanded to report number of vehicles, direction of travel, speed of travel and vehicle mass.

Data Distribution

Acquired data is available for viewing on a wen interface as well as distribution via email.