Dragging Equipment Detector

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Double-Line DED Installation

Dragging Equipment Detector (DED) Technology is deployed to actively detect and alert users to objects dragging from passing vehicles.

Protection of Rail Infrastructure

DED systems placed at strategic points around the rail network allow dragging objects to be detected and via immediate notification, appropriate action taken. This assists in protecting the rail infrastructure and wayside monitoring equipment.

Remote Stations – GSM/3G Communication

DED nodes may be mains or solar powered. Data transmission is via Ethernet or GPRS/3G, making them practical for installation in remote areas.

No Moving Parts – Reduced Maintenance

Unlike traditional paddle sets, the latest generation DED systems are solid-state. The absence of any moving parts greatly reduces maintenance required on the systems.

Accurate Lateral Position Detection

Four separate impact plates allow the lateral position of the dragging equipment to be identified.

Accurate Position Detection – Vehicle and Axle

Integrated wheel sensors identify the axle nearest to the dragging object. Algorithms then calculate the vehicle number to which the axle belongs.

Severity Levels

The analogue nature of the detection system allows varying severity levels of impact to be set up and reported, allowing for the appropriate response by personnel.

Complete Retrofit Technology

No rail cutting, no sleeper modification or disruption of operations is required. Installation is carried out safely between train movements.