In-Motion Weighing

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Complete, Microprocessor-Based Massize-T4

Accurate weighing. Metrology-approved and OIML compliant.

Metrology-level accuracy at various speeds and compliant to OIML standards.

Weighing at main-line speeds.

Operation at main-line speeds means maximum throughput and productivity – with full support for stoppage and reversal.

Automatic operation with no user input.

Completely autonomous operation with native support for remote configuration. Multiple communication options available.

Small footprint. Economical. Reliable.

100% microprocessor-based: reliable, robust and energy-efficient. No operating system means no viruses and no malware.

Complete retrofit technology.

No rail cutting, no sleeper modification or disruption of operations is required. Installation is carried out safely between train movements.

Operating modes for all applications.

Main line, siding, real-time weighing and process integration.

Native AVI Integration.

AAR, ATA and Gen-II tag support. Automatic payload calculation.

Speeds from 3 – 60 km/hr (1.9 – 37.5 mph).