Wheel Impact Detector

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Complete, Microprocessor-Based Dynamass-T12i

Wheel Impact Detector technology is deployed to actively monitor passing trains for wheel imperfections, skew bogies and lateral forces. Additionally the system functions as a full in-motion weighbridge.

Wheel Impact, Skew Bogie and Lateral Force Detection

Wheel Impact Detector technology actively detects and alerts users to wheel impacts, skew bogies and excessive lateral forces which are damaging to rail infrastructure.

Train and Vehicle Information

Wheel Impact Detector systems also provide valuable train information such as:

  • Vehicle type and mass
  • Speed
  • Load distribution (bogie and lateral)
  • Information from RFID tags (vehicle number, vehicle class, orientation, etc.).

Full Wheel Coverage

The full circumference of the wheel is monitored thanks to a new accelerometer-based technology. This technology allows a greatly reduced installation footprint while the previously unmonitored sleeper “dead spots” are now actively monitored.


Solid-state microprocessor-based systems mean no moving parts and reduced maintenance – ideal for installation in harsh and remote environments.

Remote Installations

Systems may be solar powered and are capable of remotely reporting information over GPRS/3G (or Ethernet), making them ideal for installation in remote areas.

Complete Retrofit Technology

No rail cutting, sleeper modification or disruption of operations is required. Installation is carried out safely between train movements.